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# Handle / Group Enclave
1 Weyland / FlowersFX^FairLight Sweden
2 Ziphoid / SceneSat Sweden
3 Trash / Booze Design Sweden
4 Klegg / Panda Design Sweden
5 Zoz / FEE1DEAD Sweden
6 Sigmund Floyd / FEE1DEAD Sweden
7 Black0range / FEE1DEAD Sweden
8 Soya / Censor Design Sweden
9 Qlint / FCK sweden
10 Garvin / Booze Design Sweden
11 Mao / FCK Sweden
12 Orbiter / Sweden
13 haschpipan / the gumpa brothers sweden
14 ekoli / censor sweden
15 Yasu / Sweden
16 Sockerbiten / the gumpa sisters Sweden
17 zworp / Sweden
18 broink / Somalian Pirate Party Sweden
19 velo / Approximate Sweden
20 tNG "Moroten" / the gumpa brothers Nigeria
21 fsfreak / fairlight sweden
22 hollowman / fairlight Sweden
23 Mindcooler / Sys5 Sweden
24 Johey / Sys5 Sweden
25 Radiant / Panda Design Sweden
26 vojd / tazadum Sweden
27 Burre / TAONGAD Soumi
28 XenoDuck / Sweden
29 MrTimpi / FlowersFX Schweden
30 Morbid / Five Finger Punch Sweden
31 Polymorph / Remorse 1981 Sweden
32 VoDKa / Fairlight Sweden
33 vilcans / Five Finger Punch Sweden
34 zantac / smeuch / outbreak Sweden
35 Stepanitsky / Step:A Russia, Ukraine, Sweden
36 Znurre / MemoryLeek Sweden
37 Znurre / MemoryLeek Sweden
38 xinux / MemoryLeek Sweden
39 Ana Ng / Sweden
40 Fastbom / Sweden
41 vedder / iNSANE Sweden
42 Danko / Fairlight Sweden
43 JUlzinKA / tGb Gumpaland
44 Berluskåni / The Gumpa Brothers Sweden
45 Kwarf / MemoryLeek Sweden
46 K-line / pROPER dISCO / St3 Sweden
47 whizzter / woorlic Sweden
48 Chucky / The Gang Sweden
49 Oskar / OJ Sweden
50 JMB / OJ Sweden
51 Druttis / Tazadum Sweden
52 gr0gg0 / FCK Sweden
53 Asya Muhina / Step:A Russia
54 Konstantin Bokov / Step:A Ukraine
55 grunt / Husvagn crew Sweden
56 Frost / Tulou^Panda Design Helvetet
57 emoon / TBL Sweden
58 Ashenback / aRCa Sweden
59 njursten / Suede
60 Aya / Sweden
61 dwangi / fairlight
62 B2 / MemoryLeek Sweden
63 Cryptic / Approximate Sweden
64 ALPA / iNSANE / pROPER dISCO Sweden
65 Firefox / Phenomena Sweden
66 Vandelay / Kramerika Sweden
67 Pennypacker / Kramerika Sweden
68 edvind / MemoryLeek Sweden
69 ali / SCHWEDEN
70 rupy / aeon sweden
71 Blockwelt / Introverts Sweden
72 Captain JiNX / Sweden
73 bernie / Noice Sverige
74 MikeJ / fpgaarcade Sweden
75 slaeshjag / //achtung fulkod Sweden
76 h4xxel / //achtung fulkod Sweden
77 velinje / TAONGAD Sweden
78 Mihien / MemoryLeek Sweden
79 Snabel / Sweden
80 falfa / Schweden
81 dunz0r / fACERAPE Sweden
82 blind io / Vulkteamet Sweden
83 Stinsen / Genesis Project Sweden
84 Hydri / Linefeed Sweden
85 Fred / The Gang Sweden
86 FireArrow / Sweden
87 ReturnsVoid / Sweden
88 danter / xAngle sweden
89 Kavvan / Sweden
90 Trasher / Fairlight Sweden
91 Happy Pony Land / Sápmi
92 Imodium / Five Finger Punch Svärje
93 sillen / eqx se
94 toth3max / Sweden
95 Plankon / Sweden
96 Brannigan / Sweden
97 K12 / Groovy Bits Sweden
98 Markk / MemoryLeek Schweden
99 beastifire / shadowfire association sweden
100 Wix / Sweden
101 Jor-el / Sweden
102 orreborre / TAONGAD Sweden
103 Browallia / Nukleus Deutshland
104 Cefa68000 / Nukleus Sweden
105 hakushi / Syntax Error Sweden
106 Duckplague / Sweden
107 malmen / Even Sweden
108 TheBigA / Phenomena^Triangle Sweden
109 Icecube / Light Sweden
110 Xtro / Prize 5W3d3N
111 Data010 / Atomontage USA
112 deetroy / Sweden
113 Daemon / Eternal Sweden
114 Membot / FFisON Norway
115 enok / - Sweden
116 xoomie / TAONGAD Sweden
117 MissStabby / Syntax Error Sweden
118 Funklord / Sweden
119 Vaniljus / Noice Sweden
120 undur / Sweden, Iceland, planet Earth
121 Moh / Fairlight Sweden
122 Bacchus / Fairlight Sweden
123 ZMüRF / PollyCREW Dalsland
124 Oxidy / Fairlight Skåneland
125 trejs / xAngle Sweden
126 Bobski / Bobski Sweden
127 Nihplod / #beerhazard Sweden
128 jorisd / Sweden
129 Necromancer / NeoParagon Sweden
130 quark / ../ Sweden
131 noops / Sweden
132 eriQue / sonik^tbl^fpgaarcade .se
133 badkarma / Sweden
134 KanaljE / tGb Sweden
135 Corpsicle / iNSANE Sweden
136 Paperclip Maximizer / Sweden
137 NiM / Censor Design Sweden
138 JinSDHxqcge / dcMxojkAwtDVCQEG fnaSxFgJwIv
139 XORjEtqCSuoAN / CexAyEfplUG ftTmeOGNCjbA
140 SckYgfXQLI / SEIdjsUpuvi gjWtDPfJOiCeoL


Note: The e-mail address is used to identify you on the event guestlist and may be used to contact you if there are any unforeseen events or we need to get in touch with you for some other reason.

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The t-shirts and other merch are sold by Spreadshirt with 0 SEK profit and you can choose all the fabric colours except white! Make sure to order your favourite t-shirt, tank-top or baseball cap well ahead of the party to receive it on time.


General rules

  • All entries must be previously unreleased.
  • Remote entries are not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to perform preselection if we get an extraordinary amount of entries for a compo. We also reserve the right to disqualify any entries that we think are not serious. Only competing entries will be distributed after the party.
  • Bring your own hardware if your contribution runs on anything other than one of the listed compo machines.
  • Entries running on listed compo machines will be shown live. Entries on your own hardware will also be shown live if possible. If you know your platform can be difficult to show live on a digital broadcast bus be prepared to arrange a recording in either 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Projector resolution: 1920x1080 at 50 or 60 Hz


Last year we introduced the Live Graphics Duel on Friday and this year we're adding the Live Music Duel with new rules, requirements and equipment which we think might actually work this time.

Each live duel involves two participants and the total number of participants in each duel compo is 4 so there'll be two semi-finals and one final for each live duel compo.

This year we're also introducing an Amiga ASCII votesheet compo for the Versus 9 chartmag. This compo is the first to allow remote entries.


  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • Maximum disk size: 64 MiB.
  • Compo machines:
    • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32 cores 3.0/4.2GHz
    • 64GB 3200MHz DDR4
    • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080
    • Windows 10, 64 bit, latest release


  • Anything up to and including accelerated Amiga/Atari.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • Maximum disk size: 16 MiB.
  • Compo machines:
    • C64 w. 8580 & 6581 SID switchable, 1541 Ultimate-2.
    • Amiga 1200 w. 060 66MHz, 128 MB RAM.
    • Amiga 500 w. standard RAM expansion.
    • Other? Bring your own hardware!
    • Framemeister (XRGB-Mini) scaler, ask us for the settings


  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • Maximum disk size: 64 KiB.
  • Compo machines:
    • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32 cores 3.0/4.2GHz
    • 64GB 3200MHz DDR4
    • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080
    • Windows 10, 64 bit, latest release


  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • A demo on a platform that doesn't really fit the other categories, an application, a game, something you built out of old SCSI controllers. Not an animation or video.
  • Allowed formats: any (check with us if you're handing in something weird).
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.


  • Maximum running time: 4 minutes.
  • Provide a short list of software/hardware used to make the tune.
  • Allowed formats: MP3, Ogg, FLAC, WAV
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.


  • Maximum running time: 4 minutes.
  • PC modules will be played using the latest version of XMPlay.
    Please specify if you want any specific playback settings in XMPlay, or else these will apply:
    MOD: No Interpolation, No Ramping, 50 % Stereo Separation, normal MOD playback mode.
    S3M/XM/IT: Sinc Interpolation, Sensitive Ramping, 50 % Stereo Separation.
  • Amiga modules will be played using ProTracker, OctaMED, AHX or MusicLine.
  • NES music can be handed in in FTM format and will be played in 0CC-FamiTracker if so.
  • Allowed formats (PC): XM, IT, S3M
  • Allowed formats (Amiga): MOD, OctaMED, AHX, MusicLine
  • Allowed formats (NES): FamiTracker FTM, executable
  • Allowed formats (others): executable
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.

LIVE MUSIC DUEL (experimental)

  • Time on stage: 10 minutes composing.
  • Contact to participate well ahead of the party
  • Any music software stack is allowed, trackers and synths. Excersize caution on presets and libraries, the audience is watching.
  • Bring your own music setup that can output sound over HDMI together with a mirrored image of your software at 720p or 1080p
    • This means your setup needs to output your audio over HDMI, so using a separate audio interface will not work unless you can mirror your audio to HDMI too
    • There will be an HDMI audio extractor on your table on the stage with a 3.5mm headphone jack with a volume knob for your own audio monitoring
    • The beam team will receive both participants audio and put it alternatingly on the main speakers to let the audience hear you working
  • Bring your own headpnones for 3.5mm jack or with a suitable adapter
  • Each duel will have a restriction announced, for example: compose a seamlessly looping song or compose a jingle with a maximum run-time of 30 seconds
  • Please be at the party on Friday with your setup at the latest 18:00 and tell the infodesk you've arrived and want to participate in the live music duel


  • Time on stage: 10 minutes drawing
  • Contact to participate well ahead of the party
  • A theme will be selected and announced 5 minutes before each duel, giving participants a bit of time to think
  • Bring your own drawing setup that can output a mirrored image over HDMI at 720p or 1080p
  • Use any software you like as long as you can produce a drawing from a blank canvas
  • Existing images, sprites and so on are not allowed. Custom abstract brushes are fine but excersize caution, the audience is watching.
  • Please be at the party on Friday with your setup at the latest 18:00 and tell the infodesk you've arrived and want to participate in the live graphics duel


  • Combined hires/raytracing compo.
  • State if your picture is painted or raytraced when handing it in.
  • Please provide three workstages for painted pictures.
  • Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG.
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.
  • Graphics compos may be merged if we get too few entries in either compo.


  • Anything up to 320x256 with 8 BPP.
  • Please provide three workstages.
  • Allowed formats (PC/Amiga): PNG, IFF/ILBM.
  • Allowed formats (others): Executable.
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.
  • Graphics compos may be merged if we get too few entries in either compo.


  • Oldschool, newschool, block and ANSI in one compo
  • Entries will be shown in PabloView. oldskool will be shown with topaz; standard DOS font for the other styles.
  • Keep it to 80 columns. Height? You decide.
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.
  • We reserve the right to remove any converted entries from the compo.
  • May be merged with ASCII VOTESHEET VERSUS #9 compo if we get too few entries in either compo.


  • An Amiga ASCII votesheet design compo for Versus:
    • Design the Amiga ASCII votesheet for Versus #9 coming out later this year
    • Remote entries allowed, submit them to before the compo deadline
    • Local entries are submittet as a normal
    • Voting is done locally at Edison as a normal compo
  • Need to include place for top 5 entries in each category
    • Download an example votesheet design for reference but you don't need to include the exact category names as in the example
  • Don't need to use an Amiga to design it
  • The rest of the rules are the same as ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII GRAPHICS
  • May be merged with ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII compo if we get too few entries in either compo.


  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • A movie clip you made that's either pretty, interesting or funny.
  • Allowed formats: All movie formats (use common sense or contact us).
  • If your contribution is based on an existing piece of work, please provide a reference when handing it in.


  • Photo compo, separate photo-only compo, new for 2018.
  • Retouching and collages are allowed.
  • Please provide unmodified photo as a workstage.
  • Allowed formats: JPEG.
  • You have to be the creator of the photo.
  • May be merged with graphics compos if we get too few entries in either compo.


Friday 5th July
17:00 Doors open
19:00 Opening ceremony
20:00 Live graphics duel compo
22:00 Live music duel compo
02:00 Noise curfew until 08:00
Saturday 6th July
10:00 Breakfast is served
11:00 Showers open
12:00 Electronics Flea Market Start
Deadline all Music compos
13:00 Demoscene quiz with velo/approximate
14:00 Music compos
Deadline all Graphics / ASCII compos
Deadline Photo & Animation / Video compos
16:00 Graphics / ASCII compos
18:00 Photo & Animation / Video compos
Deadline all Demo compos
20:00 Demo compos
23:00 Deadline voting
00:00 Results & Prize-giving & Thank You
02:00 Noise curfew until 08:00
Sunday 7th July
10:00 Breakfast is served
11:00 Showers open
12:00 Doors close



Once per cycle, since time immemorial, we in the demoscene have gathered to perform the rites of initiation, prowess and kinship. That time has now come again. You have been chosen among many to receive the exclusive honour of partaking in the festivities.

Our reach is global. Nothing has been unforeseen. You will experience the pinnacle of demoscene achievement, with a vicinity and directness few dare dream of.

All prospects are welcome. Join the inner circle, and realise your very destiny!


In the traditional venue of rituals; Eggeby Gård. It is accessible by public transportation followed by a walk, as well as by car if you can navigate the labyrinthine pathways that lead there. Fret not, initiate, we are here to guide you.


Camping is allowed outside the venue and there are dedicated sleeping areas inside the venue as well. There's a larger car parking area 100 meter from the venue. Showers are provided in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

We provide free DIY breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and there's a food truck from Curbside selling delicious meat- and veggie burgers on Friday and Saturday.

"Edison 2019 Invitation", by Chemtrailer Boys.


We feature competitions in all the classic disciplines. How about this:

  • Newschool demo
  • Oldschool demo
  • Newschool intro
  • Wild demo
  • Oldschool graphics
  • Newschool graphics
  • ASCII/ANSI graphics
  • ASCII Votesheet Versus #9
  • Streaming music
  • Oldschool/tracked music
  • Animation & video
  • Photo

And if that's not enough for you, we have some live compos as well:

  • Live graphics duel
  • Live music duel


New: Due to classified construction work at Eggeby Gård the usual road is inaccessible.

We've acquired intelligence that may help you in your journey this year. Make sure to follow the green path by car or the blue path on foot. Avoid the red path by all means.

Car (updated)

On E18 take the exit to Sollentuna at Hjulsta Trafikplats and shortly after take a right turn towards the Disc Golf course, onto a gravel road.

Follow the gravel road a couple of kilometers straight ahead, passing by an area of allotments (community gardens) and a gate that should now be open.

After a while you'll be on the regular road and can take a left turn when you see Eggeby Gård on the left or the construction zone ahead. The huge construction zone will also prevent you from driving too far.

Be patient and drive slowly as the entire road is full of pot holes and even some craters from secret rocket launch tests.


When travelling by plane we recommend the Arlanda or Bromma airports.

Taxi directly from Arlanda to the party shouldn't be more than around 550 SEK, so if you are a group of people that's recommended.


From Stockholm Central Station there it's a matter of either taking a cab or going by the metro. If you want to go by metro, the closest stop is Tensta on the blue line, and from there it's a 1.5 kilometer walk to the party.

A more scenic but longer walk can be enjoyed walking from Kista, also the blue line.


Going by taxi from Stockholm Central Station is easy if you use the designated taxi area outside. The cabs there are regulated and won't charge any exuberant fees. It is located in the front of the building.

Please note that the taxi driver might need the updated car instructions to get you to the venue this year.

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