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Edison: Data Jungle


This summer’s Edison party returns in full physical form at our venue Eggeby Gård in Stockholm and also online.

As the restrictions have been removed in Sweden we should be able to fit at least 150 sceners in our venue.

Rest assured that the online party experience will be as delightful and overproduced as previous years giving you the full party experience even from a distance.

On Friday we focus on our live graphics, music and shader duels and on Saturday all the compos you’ve come to expect takes place as usual.

We will broadcast the party for free and everyone’s heartily invited to socialize on Discord. We sincerely encourage you to participate in our compos. You create the party!


As usual there’s supporter and sponsor tickets available if you love what we do and want to help us out even further.

This year’s visual design and logo was created by fegolhuzz.

For Saturday we're happy to announce Hoffman with an Amiga jungle DJ set using PT-1210


New compos this year:

  • Game
  • Oldschool and Tracked Music is now 2 different compos
  • Oldschool Graphics is now 2 different compos

Edison features all the classic competitions you’ve come to expect:

  • Newschool demo
  • Oldschool demo
  • Newschool intro
  • Oldschool graphics
  • Lowres graphics
  • Newschool graphics
  • Streaming music
  • Oldschool music
  • Tracked music
  • Animation & Video (streaming video)
  • Photo
  • Game
  • Video Greeting

We’re also continuing the head-to-head duels in freestyle graphics and tracked music and adding the live shader duels:

  • Live graphics duel
  • Live music duel
1st place in Newschool Intro 2021: Meet the Meat 4k by Zworp & Orreborre/TAONGAD