a medieval demofeast

Three days of demoscene compos and activities on July 20th to 22nd in Stockholm!

What is Edison?

Edison is the biggest multiplatform demoparty in Sweden and has been around since 2011.


Edison features lots of competitions including coding for all available platforms, composing music, drawing or animating beautiful graphics and now even competing live on stage – there's something for everybody and we welcome all platforms and disciplines!

We are set on bringing you the best possible party experience we can - but we need your help to make the compos something truly special.


The venue Eggeby Gård features a converted barn named Teaterladan with plenty of space, an open field for camping, free parking and the Stockholm metro system nearby.

It's a perfect place to experience the Swedish summer, meeting other sceners outside in the warm sun or working on your production inside the barn while it rains.

Join us!

Reserve the date in your calendar, pre-register on this site, buy your tickets and check out our timetable - it's that easy!

Are you new to the demoscene? Great, come join us and see what it's all about! We're convinced you'll be inspired by the party experience and want to start working on your own demo productions!


We need a list of participants before the event starts for legal reasons. We can't let you in if you're not registered or bought a ticket online.

Check out who else is going!

Registration is closed now. See you next year.

Socialize on Slack!

Enter your e-mail address to get invited to the party Slack where you can chat with organizers and participants before, during and after the event.

You can also create private group channels without message history limitations.

Buy tickets!

You can pre-purchase your tickets online to save money and help us plan the event even better! The t-shirts are no longer available for pre-purchase, but you can still order one from our self-service store.

Tickets Online What you get Price
Party Ticket The party ticket just as before! Gain full access to the entire party experience! 350 SEK
Supporter Ticket If you love what we do and want a twice as expensive ticket! 700 SEK
Sponsor Ticket The easy way to become a sponsor, simply buy a sponsor ticket after contacting us for a sponsor agreement! 5000 SEK
I Love Edison But Can't Come ❤️ You can donate any amount to the sofa scener fund to help us out with our lovely live-streaming efforts! ANY SEK
Get your tickets online here!
Tickets At The Door What you get Price
Party Ticket (pre-registration required) The party ticket payed using credit card at the door just as before! With a slight price adjustment and pre-registration still mandatory. 400 SEK
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Getting there!

Please note that SJ is doing track maintenance between Stockholm Central and Stockholm Södra during the party. If your travel plan involve those tracks you'll have to switch between SL commute trains at Flemingsberg or Stockholm Södra. Please read more at SJ.


When travelling by plane we recommend the Arlanda or Bromma airports. Taxi directly from Arlanda to the party shouldn't be more than around 550 SEK, so if you are a group of people that's recommended.


From Stockholm Central Station there it's a matter of either taking a cab or going by the metro. If you want to go by metro, the closest stop is Tensta on the blue line, and from there it's a 1.5 kilometer walk to the party. A more scenic but longer walk can be enjoyed walking from Kista, also the blue line.


Going by taxi from Stockholm Central Station is easy if you use the designated taxi area outside. The cabs there are regulated and won't charge any exuberant fees. It is located in the front of the building.


The map below gives some hints. From the E18, take the exit at either Tensta (heading west) or Hjulsta (heading east) and get on Hjulstavägen heading east. Then turn right onto Spånga Kyrkväg in Tensta and immediately turn left at the gas station and follow Krällingegränd, going under the E18. You'll see Eggeby Gård from here on.